Accounting Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

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Outsourced Accounting is the Future – Just as payroll is rarely processed in house, the bulk of accounting functions are being outsourced by many companies.  This allows owners to concentrate on the success of their business rather than running the back office. Critical to obtaining maximum value when outsourcing is hiring a firm that truly understands your industry.  The advantage CHS offers in Hospitality is that we go beyond bookkeeping to become your Partner in fulfilling accounting, finance, tax, and consulting functions.

Comprehensive Hospitality Solutions, serving all 50 States, focuses on the Hospitality sector including all food and beverage related companies, lounges, bars and restaurants, distributors, recreational centers and vendors supporting any aspect of the Hospitality Industry.

Our seamless, paperless (green) solution is much easier, provides far superior value and often at lower cost than an in-house team.

Accounting Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Our knowledge in hospitality budgeting, forecasting, cash flow analysis, and inventory management will help you remain on track to reach your financial targets.

We can implement or upgrade your current accounting and management systems to state of the art solutions to better manage key areas such as cash handling, labor costing, purchasing etc.

Bookkeeping is associated with data entry.  We are so much more. We become your accounting department and finance team. We reconcile all of your accounts daily, weekly and monthly as appropriate and produce complete reporting packages. Documents and records including vendor invoices, bank statements and sales information is maintained by us with everything available to you 24/7. We pay your bills weekly according to your preferences. Vendors now call us with questions and requests instead of you. This allows you to focus on serving your customers.

All clients are assigned a dedicated team of specialists to ensure all deliverables are met on time and your customer service always remains excellent. 

Why outsource to Comprehensive Hospitality Solutions? – We are experienced in the Hospitality industry and are able to ensure data is entered and classified properly.  This enables you to make critical decisions such as reducing purchasing and adjusting labor as sales fluctuate. Outsourcing to us saves you the headache of hiring, training and managing staff, in addition to huge savings on office space, utilities, supplies, payroll, payroll tax, workers compensation, vacation time, etc.

Comprehensive Hospitality Solutions has a vast knowledge of Accounting and POS software’s such as Quickbooks, Peachtree, Compeat, Great Plains, MAS 90, Accpac, Xero, Micros, Aloha, Revel, Breadcrumbs, Digital Dining, Squirrel, Rpower, just to name just a few! As members of the Restaurant Association, AIPB, and AICPA and are always aware of changes that are affecting our industry. Call us to discuss how our solution will help drive your success.


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