10 Ways Your Restaurant Can Deliver Top-Notch Customer Service


·         Company Culture ·         Consistency
·         Winning Staff ·         Attentiveness
·         Anticipation ·         Feedback
·         Transparency ·         Complaint Management
·         Technology ·         Social Media


Why Bookkeeping Matters

The backbone of any hospitality business’s success is proper accounting and bookkeeping. Having a clear understanding and complete oversight of your data and numbers is crucial to your success. Yet, rarely do business owners have the time or knowledge to properly balance their books and to account for every dollar that comes into and leaves their company.

No matter if you’re looking to budget for a new business or need expertise in managing your cash flow, you can count on Comprehensive Hospitality Solutions for your accounting and bookkeeping services. We specialize in restaurant accounting services

Once your business’s internal operations are in good hands, you can focus more time, energy, and effort on hospitality management to ensure that your customers are satisfied with each visit.

Turning a patron at your restaurant into a loyal repeat customer is more of an art than a science.  

In an era where dining choices are plentiful and competition is stiff, building brand loyalty isn’t simply about the menu. Beyond the quality of food, location, ambiance, and cleanliness—all important considerations for guests—is the need for restaurants to deliver an engaging, memorable, and highly personalized customer experience.

To serve up a great customer experience, here are 10 tips to deliver top-notch customer service so you keep your customers coming back:

Start with Your Company Culture

Building a healthy company culture is as much a part of your restaurant’s customer service as building an experienced staff. You can have a great menu, the best chef, and a killer marketing plan, but if your employees aren’t happy, they won’t pass on a positive vibe to your customers.

Your workplace culture—the character and personality of your restaurant defined by the environment in which your employees work—is the foundation of your success. To maximize your customer’s experience, make

Master the Art of Consistency

If you’ve ever visited a restaurant where you had an amazing experience only to go back a few weeks later and be terribly disappointed in the service or food, then you know. Consistency is key. That same level of enthusiasm and service that was provided the day the restaurant opened its doors is the same level you need to strive for every single day.

In today’s market, where customers have more than a few dining options to choose from, it’s never smart to bank on the loyalty of customers. Satisfy your customer’s need for familiarity by mastering the art of consistency with the same quality food, service, and presentation every time they visit—all of which will build brand loyalty and keep them coming back.

Hire a Winning Staff

When it comes to the restaurant business, it’s crucial to surround yourself with a staff who shares the same vision as you do. Everyone from your management team and servers to the cooks and hosts play an integral part in your success and your ability to deliver top-notch customer service.

Before you begin the hiring process, give some serious thought to what success looks like on your floor. Think about the level of expertise and experience needed for every position—for some restaurants, a top chef is the star attraction. What personality traits might work well with your existing team, and what role will each employee play in contributing to your restaurant’s vibe and culture?

Be Attentive—but Not Too Attentive

Every customer who walks in your restaurant expects to be treated as if they are special. They want the full dining experience, including a wait staff that is attentive and engaging. Being an attentive server also means understanding how to read customers, which includes knowing when to engage and when to back off.

Not every customer will want to embark on a conversation, while others might be eager to dive into a full-blown personal conversation. The trick is to pay close attention to customers, including both verbal and non-verbal cues, and use that information to provide a customized experience that suits the needs and desires of each customer.

Anticipate the Needs of Your Customers

One of the best ways to deliver impeccable customer service is to anticipate the needs of customers. The best servers put themselves in their customer’s shoes. They don’t wait to be asked when their customer needs a refill on their drink, more butter for their potato, or a few more napkins. They’re tuned in to their customers, keenly aware of their needs, and they deliver long before the customer even thinks to ask. Essentially, concentrating on the needs of customers is the product of a strong commitment to exceeding customer expectations each and every time.

Solicit Customer Feedback

It doesn’t matter how many internal meetings you hold. Without valuable input from your restaurant patrons, future customer service decisions are merely a shot in the dark. Whether you solicit feedback through your website, in person after their dining experience, or via customer comment cards, use that information to implement powerful ideas and changes that positively influence the customer experience and, ultimately, improve the bottom line.

Practice Menu Transparency

Just a few years ago, menu transparency was nothing more than an option for restaurants. Today, with more than half of Americans reporting living a healthier lifestyle, it’s the gold standard for savvy restaurant operators who aim to deliver stellar customer service. Customers today want to feel in control of their food choices, so tap in to their craving for healthy food information by providing detailed menu options and in-depth ingredient information.

Take Advantage of Technology

Consumer restaurant technology that was considered handy just a few years ago is now becoming expected. With a simple click, tap, or scroll, consumers can order their menu selections and get it how they want it, when they want it, and where they want it—all in a matter of minutes.

Conveniences from delivery apps and mobile ordering to tableside tablets and while-u-wait games for the kids are redefining the restaurant experience. Even if you don’t have the budget to implement the newest technological wonders, keep customer satisfaction front and center by finding tech-friendly ways to make your customer’s lives a little easier.

Manage Complaints Swiftly and Efficiently

It’s inevitable. Customer dissatisfaction is bound to happen occasionally. Ensuring your restaurant has an airtight recovery plan when complaints do arise is crucial, especially in this era of social media and online reviews where negative restaurant experiences travel fast. Work with your team to establish a strategy to turn disgruntled customers into golden opportunities that build long-term loyalty.

Here are six easy steps to manage complaints swiftly and efficiently:

  • Apologize.
  • Listen.
  • Offer Solutions.
  • Fix the problem.
  • Exceed customer expectations.
  • Learn from the experience.

Get Personal on Social Media

With 88 percent of people saying they’re influenced by online comments and reviews, if you don’t have a digital strategy for your restaurant, you’re missing a valuable opportunity to connect with your customers, drive new business, and enhance the entire customer experience.

Facebook, with more than 1.1 billion daily active users, and Instagram, with 191 million daily users, are both great platforms to keep your restaurant front and center in customer’s minds, stay on top of and respond to reviews—both positive and negative, and get personal with your audience. From awesome foodie pictures and restaurant specials to your menu and directions to your restaurant, social media is a valuable platform to speak directly to your customers and share with the world what your restaurant is all about.

Don’t Let Your Numbers Fall Behind

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