Complete Hospitality Bookkeeping

Our company becomes your accounting and back office team.  We monitor banking activity daily, record revenue and expenses, correspond with vendors, manage accounts receivable and payable, record payroll, maintain the general ledger, address cash requirements, prepare periodic tax returns, perform monthly and annual closes and issue financial statements.

As your business team, accounting is just the beginning.  We provide comprehensive analytics to help you run your business, project cash requirements, improve profitability and manage expenses.  We provide consultations and bring a well-established network of Hospitality service providers.

When you engage our services you no longer need to be concerned with paying bills, calculating available cash, deal with vendors seeking payment and maintaining books and records.  We enable you to concentrate on the success of your business.

The Hospitality Industry, which is the focus of our firm, has some unique accounting requirements.  Handling commissaries, dealing with service fees, tracking of tips, allocating between locations, third party booking and/or delivery, catering deposits, capital investment structures are just some of the many nuisances.

Every client is assigned a team of professionals with decades of combined Hospitality Industry experience.  It is their job to understand your business and become your go to resource to provide advice, resolve issues and share experiences so you operate optimally using best practices.

A partial list of our services includes:

  • Performing daily banking and cash oversight with daily/weekly reporting
  • Completing Accounts Payable function and payment distribution with weekly AP aging reports
  • Managing Accounts Receivable with weekly AR ageing reports
  • Spearheading vendor communication and payment management
  • Managing Cash Flow
  • Recording payroll
  • Performing period end reconciliations
  • Issuing Month End and Annual financial reporting packages
  • Providing analytics and recommendations for profitability improvement
  • Completing sales and property tax returns