Hospitality Accounting Services

Our analytics show you whether your business is performing at, above, or below industry averages. And they identify your breakeven point, calculate cost to open and profit on incremental revenue, and segregate food beverage and FOH/BOH labor costs.

We design our reports in a way that enables you to zero in on key areas, so your managers can make critical decisions.

Our Analytical Package includes:

  • A broad variety of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), both standard within the industry and customized for your business
  • Front of house/back of house analysis
  • Labor cost analytics
  • Recipe costing and menu profitability
  • Tracking/trending of overall business performance and changes in KPIs
  • Benchmarking against prior periods, budgets, industry standards and colocations (as applicable)
  • Breakeven analysis, scenario and goal achievement, and strategic planning
  • Monthly consultations to address issues identified within the analytics

Our analytical package also includes strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting, near-term forecasting, and short-term cash flow projections. We benchmark performance against each of these metrics as well as industry standards on an ongoing basis.