Securing Hospitality Financing and Loans

Exclusively for our bookkeeping clients seeking lines of credit or loans, we compile a package of key financial information which illustrates your true business picture and present it to banks with whom we have well established relationships.  This adds convenience and efficiency to the process.

Having us compile a package can be important because:

  • We are working with departments within banks that specifically serve the Hospitality Industry.
  • We compile the exact information they need and present it in the appropriate format which saves time and eliminates back and forth correspondence.
  • While not audited the information is being presented by CHS, an independent third party with knowledge of the client.
  • Because we are your bookkeepers the bank has the assurance the books and records are being properly maintained.

In the case of equipment purchases the manufacturer usually provides financing, but the rate may not be the most favorable. Anytime our clients are making major equipment purchases we encourage them to get competing quotes from our lending network to explore if there is potential savings.

*** These services are performed upon request exclusively for our bookkeeping clients at no additional charge. ***